November 24th, 2016

Кубоид Мориса Эшера

Запит до Служби підтримки

1. In accordance with FAQ#14 scripting languages (such as JavaScript) are prohibited on LiveJournal. This code is stripped from user's entries before they are sent to a web browser.
But, as we know, the browser safety (and computer safety, in general) should be operated by a user, who can improve it by using brandmauer, firewalls, antiviruses, filters etc.
So, if I pay enough attention to a web safety, may I ask you to allow JS in my entries? It is necessary for using Comparison Slider only, I'll be very appreciated.

2. You have an expired information on FAQ#14 page in Ukrainian language, because it was published in 2006, however English version was refreshed in 2016. Could you, please, update the Ukrainian page?

Thank you.
Iurii isrzhnv

Thank you.